Popular air coolers rental providers in Dubai

Are you living in Dubai. Are you contemplating about whether you should rent or buy an outdoor air cooler? 
Several options need to be considered to help you decide which would be the better option between buying or renting an air cooler (Evaporative air cooler).  
Even though the price is usually the primary factor. However, there are still other associated factors. In this article, we will be showing you why renting might should be your preferred option. After that we will go through some of the popular rental service providers in Dubai.

  • Price 
The difference in price between renting or buying an air cooler can be reduced or eliminated by several factors. Renting can serve as a form of insurance against expensive equipment breakdowns. Once the rented unit develops a fault, it will be replaced immediately by the rental company. You are not required to pay for damages or repairs. 

  • Servicing and Maintenance Cost  
In order to keep your evaporative cooler at optimal performance, regular maintenance and servicing may be required. You may even need to replace some worn out parts, change or clean pads, clean tank, inspect flex duct, and pay the servicing expert. Above all, they are recurrent costs and not a one-time expense. At the end of the day, they end up gulping a large part of your budget. However, if you rent those, you need not bother about the cost of servicing or maintenance. 

  • Portability 
Most times, when you buy an outdoor air cooler, they are permanently installed in your residential or commercial building. However, what happens when you need one temporarily on site? If you need the cooling machine for a temporary site work, renting may be the best option. Apart from the fact that it saves cost, the rental company will be responsible for conveying the air cooling machine to and from the site on project completion. 

There you have it! The above are some of the reasons why renting an air cooler remains the best option for you. By hiring you will be saving on repairs, servicing, and maintenance. 

Air cooler rental service providers in Dubai & UAE

Are you looking to rent an evaporative outdoor air conditioning equipment? We listed some popular providers for you to check and book.

They are pure outdoor cooling & heating rental company in Dubai, Offering rental of air coolers starting from 140AED/day only

The do all kind of outdoor cooling solutions. And they rent within UAE. Rental models changes by availability, so the price ranging from 150 to 400 AED/day.

One of the most recent & popular outdoor cooling/heating vendors in UAE. They offer rental service with big stock to cover the biggest events. The smallest Climate+ cooling machine available for rental is the 8000m3/h air cooler to hire starting from 150AED.

They have been in outdoor cooling industry in Dubai for many years. They do all kinds of misting and cooling beside rental. The smallest air outdoor cooler rent price starts from arround 150AED/day.

They do outdoor cooling and heating as well. The rental service for air coolers available in UAE only